About the Project


About the project


 In order to hone students’ English ability and strengthen multicultural education, we are scheduled to reform the Freshman English Class in the areas of the syllabus, teachers, students and teaching assistants. We are to employ multicultural education in English teaching with the aid of class activities to enrich the courses. We hope students will be able to develop their intercultural competence and worldview.

   Merging multicultural concepts into English class helps break the outdated fashion of English teaching. Students will be using English comprehensively to introspect and bridge themselves to the society and the world. Merging multicultural issues into the syllabus will not only help students with their difficulty learning English, but also will teach them to embrace the precious diversity. Teachers with a multicultural view may observe students’ cognition of self-identity, which is important for teaching strategic devising. More importantly, we expect our students to have a holistic worldview concerning our neighboring countries and underdeveloped countries instead of a monotonous worldview which only concerns American and European cultures.

    Our school has a great deal of overseas students of which the majority is from Southeast Asia. Aside from Chinese, English is the preferable tool they use to learn and communicate. It is a pity that many people only think of prominent cultures when speaking of worldview and international perspectives. We should be equally concerned with our neighboring countries’ political events, cultures, religions and economy. Since Taiwan is surrounded by sea, we expect our students to be moderate, open-minded and modest just like the surrounding waters which nurture us. Equipped with multicultural worldview, we could be truly friendly and cooperative. As a consequence of all the above, we have designed our freshman English courses based on multicultural concepts with the valuable, collaborative work of teachers, students, and teaching assistants.